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Concept Design


The Hidden Wonder of the

Grand Canyon

"Discover the mythic golden city of Quivira, a civilization once thought extinct but that has thrived under the eroded rocks of the Grand Canyon, as it opens its doors for the first time and invites you to the magical wonders that lie within."

*Disney Imaginations Semi-finalist project

*The project was conceived by the SCAD Team and created for the 2019 Walt Disney Imagineering's Imaginations Design Competition. This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are exclusive to Walt Disney Imagineering. The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Walt Disney Imagineering to identify new talent. 

The Pillowman

Enclosed in the interior of a space that depicts the historical context of an oppresive regime, audiences will become a part of the interrogation Katurian is subjected to in this interpretation of The Pillowman.

Even as Title IX protections have been expanded over the years, athletes continue to face sexism, racism, transphobia, and other forms of bigotry. The stories of athletes before and after Title IX are part of a larger narrative of the struggle for equality in the United States.


Akhenaten is the story of one of Ancient Egypt’s most controversial pharaohs, Akhenaten, and the rise, reign, and fall of his kingdom. He is remembered in history for having abandoned Egypt’s traditional polytheistic religion and introducing monotheism with the sun god, Aten, as their only deity.

Tommy Shelby's Office

Taking the British television show Peaky Blinders as inspiration, I

redesigned a classroom to look like gangster Tommy Shelby's office, modeling and rendering it with SketchUp and V-Ray.

Global Glimpse

From the breathtaking landscapes in Quebec to the busy streets of Tokyo, travel to places all around the world in this new sensory-driven experience the NYC subway has to offer.


Kohlhaas, a respectful and righteous horse trader lives a simple and quiet life with his family. Unfortunately, it takes a small scam for him to realize that things are not always what they seem and that he lives in a world where injustice, corruption, and self-interest dominate the system. 


An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.

This design is a reimagined version of Eilis's bedroom in the 2015 film, Brooklyn.

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